Monday, March 23, 2009

Twitter... I too overshare!

Ok, so these last few weeks I became more and more involved with Twitter.
And, for those that dont know what Twitter is, its a mini-blogging site where you declare issues, feelings, views etc to the Twitterverse. You can join and have followers and follow ppl or you can just stalk!
But, enough with the explanation. What I want to talk about is how I seriously think I will need some sort of help with my Twiddiction! Yes, thats right! Anything remotely associated with Twitter will start with 'TWI'.
The whole idea is to shoot random, or not so much, messages into Twittervers and hope for a reply or someone who has the same idea as you, however, I have found myself Tweeting in my head wishing I could share every single second of my existence. For instance, I was bringing in the mail and I thought -I am bringing in the Mail. Wonder if these bills will be as bad as last month...- Something undeniably haphazardous yet so incessantly important... not!
With popular sites like Facebook, MySpace and DailyBooth we have become a society where we vent everything. We post all our doings, share our pictures with people we dont know and let total strangers know of our next move.
And if airing out our dirty laundry wasnt enough, we stalk people that also do it. We follow celebrities and kids from YouTube. I say we, but I really mean me!
All this compulsive sharing has made me believe that rater than becoming more a society who doesnt interact, the primary social status is that of a society without privacy. -I just arrived at Glenferry Station. Headed to the doctor- Thank you for letting me know, I so wanted to know when your next appointment was.
Perhaps its not a bad thing. I work with touching up photos and so when I post on DailyBooth there is absolutely no retouching. NONE. And it can be a little scary but it does make me more honest. Also, I find that I can be totally honest with people I dont know, since they have no expectations of me.
So I'd like to say -Hi! This is me at 8:30am. Yes, this is what I look like when I've had only 3 hours of sleep and I wanted to tell you that I dont think I will get this project finished in time and that I have run out of butter.
I know that this information isnt important to you, nor to me in the grand scheme of things, but it makes me feel noteworthy, if only for the seconds it took me to type it. And maybe, just maybe that is the cornerstone of this overly-sharing society which I am trying so hard to stay part of. We share because we like others knowing about us. We've become shameless sharers not caring if our pic ends up on someones site. We dont care if so and so knows when I missed the bus. What we do care is someone, anyone listening to us. With so many gadgets and introvertive tasks we take upon oursleves, it was bound to make us find an escape route. And here it its: Twitter!
So for all of you a litte reserved and shy post something totally random that has no real impact on your privacy, and for those wanting to contribute something with more substance share your thoughts on real issues. Whichever they may be, real in the world or just to you.
Become part of the Twitterati*, Live in Twitterville and meet other Tweeple!

vdehejia to for introducing me to this word!