Friday, June 20, 2008

Consequences and the downpour of reactions

Some of you may, at some point, done something or said something that carried with it not too good consequences. You may have spoken about someone to someone else who was best friends with the first someone. Eaten bad curry. Worn unwashed jeans, and realized the stain is much more visible at noon... the list is endless. But have you ever caused so much damage that you do not know what to do with yourself?

Simple actions can have such immense reactions when you do not measure the risks. And the severity of the consequences is so great that it is unmeasurable.
I have just learnt of the outcome of horrific tragedy.
A father teaching his son to drive.
A normal action. One that many of us have been through.
An everyday task, but a high risk. The teenage boy was un-licenced and underage. It was a sunday afternoon, and lots of families were out.

Taking all these risks into consideration where not a priority for the boy's father. As he was the adult the decision making was in his hands.

11 days later mothers and fathers, brothers and sisters are suffering.
One decision has caused such grievous loss. Complete pain. Uttermost anguish. The echo of this pain has reached even those that were not close to the immediately affected.

Insignificant actions. Common everyday tasks will at some point produce tortuous reactions. One step in the wrong direction could in fact dissemble upon a whole community.

Lets measure the risks in our actions so that the reaction is that of a favorable outcome. Measure the importance of the action against the value within a bigger perspective.

Our lives aren't forever. But they are precious.

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A.J. said...

Our lives are prescious because they aren't forever!!