Tuesday, September 11, 2007


Despite the glorious days we've been having, I am certain that todays weather is just a representation on how thousands of people are feeling today. I think of the mothers, wives and children. Husbands, friends and relatives who today are remembered once more. Those who have subsequently ached in pain in attacks in other parts of the globe. I think of those individuals that cannot find reassurance that tomorrow is another day; and who will continue to mourn. As we remember those who lost their lives and those who are without loved ones I have a feeling that we have misplaced the impact that it has had on modern society. It has been 6 years since that horrible morning and it all seems a little surreal.
I know we have not forgotten those that committed such horrid acts, yet the notion of payback is so limited, due to the unsubstantial effects revenge has had. We, as a society, have achieved nothing more than adding to the death toll and inflicting more pain onto families of countries that have already suffered enough. I believe that if people or countries do not take up the offer of help even though they are drastically in need of it, we should surrender to their stubborn and masochistic lives and let them exist just they way they want. This of course can only be possible if avaricious nations and their politics are put aside and we start to think of the greater good rather than what is best for ourselves.

There are those who continue to believe that more lives must perish to serve a purpose which most of us have failed to comprehend. Some whose sole purpose is to obliterate the beliefs of christian society; our lifestyles and ways of thinking. Trained men and women who have been persuaded to trust that this is their exclusive purpose. However outrageous or contradicting to our ways of thinking, we should not regard mediocre their determination and tenacity to achieve these acts. If we as a people, we as a "western society" were as driven and motivated and were also as united as our social and moral enemy we would have the power to stand together and have more than enough valour to defeat their constant threats and attacks and to counteract the social hell they promote.

I have not forgotten the suffered, but I have forgotten the suffering and I have forgotten the power you and I have to be the bigger man. To stand down from violence and say -Enough!- To stand by what we know to be true which is that we all deserve to live and that we are here to do just that.
Nothing is guaranteed except death but we can try to be a guarantor for peace and humanity.

The clean up continues at Ground Zero in New York City, Thanksgiving Day, 2001.

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