Tuesday, January 22, 2008

How close is too close?

Recently, on a trip up the road to the beach (i exaggerate, I did drive) I was sitting inside my sun shelter enjoying a mate (no, not a friend... a Mah-Teh) with mum and suddenly out pops another sun shelter... RIGHT NEXT TO OURS... HUH??
View from my shelter... ROOMY!

So, I asked myself: How close is too close? I stood up to see whether I had missed the millions of people packing the beach that morning since there obviously was no more room left on the sand than the timidly small tight space between my tent and the other party's. Which was about 10 feet away. And to my disbelief, and sudden revelation I saw that there was about 100+ meters of beach left to the other side...
You can see eternity from here

We are a family of Three and we take to the beach a car full including shelter, chairs, bags, food, water, inflatable toys (of the "beach" kind) boogie boards... list is endless. This was a family of five, so you can imagine the amount of things they had.
I believe the whole family was mute and blind, given that they could not see the miles of empty beach left in front of them or hear me make a comment in regards to the endless amount of sand left.

Not only did they plonk their belongings in front of our tent, but also managed to be touching with the other shelter, who where two families with young children (who we all know need all the room that can get)
They're disregard for public places was incredibly incredible... and even tho you are thinking I am making a huge deal out of this, I tell you, I am not. They put all their belongings into possition and went for a swim. Then we had to put of with a 7 yo brat who wouldnt stop crying about not getting her way with the waves. I know all the details, they were so close it was like having them inside out shelter... I have proof!
We are the shelter on the right... The intruders are the middle tent

So, I ask you again: How close is too close?
Is it ok to set up camp in the neigbouring site when there is 97% of the beach left?
Is it ok to scatter your beach gear around your tent where there is no room? No
Should you be allowed to go to the beach if you cannot discern between full and empty, too little too much?
Enough said.

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